How to Set Up Video Chat on Facebook: Today we will learn how to set up video chat on Facebook, steps are very simple and remember that your friend also needs to make this facility to be able to have a video conversation.

But we’ll see how easy and make this setting :

1. Let’s access this linkĀ Facebook Video Calling and we click on ” Getting Started” button to begin the process .

facebook videocalling2 . Choose a friend chat to start a video call .

3 . Click the video call button and Facebook will ask you to download and install the file Facebook Video Calling Software.

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4 . Download and after finishing click the right mouse button on the file and click Run as administrator.

5 . Now you will see the installation progress screen .

facebook videocalling2Not long now , just wait for the installation process to complete and then simply click again on the camera to initiate a call to that person , and so you can talk via microphone and video .

facebook videocalling 1After experiencing video chat Facebook and tell us what you think about this experience.