Learn How to Configure Your Video Chat on Facebook: The Facebook announced the integration of video chat on the social network.

The new functionality is available to all in a few weeks from now but if you want to video chat experience can do so without delay.

facebook-videocallingTo set up video chat on Facebook to access this page and install an application that will allow you to immediately start talking. When you are on the page, click Get Skype Started.

When clicked , Facebook gives you all the guidance to start using the video chat. First of all , you need to install the application on your computer.

This step is crucial , since the functionality that comes from a partnership between Facebook and Skype does not work in the cloud.

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But then it’s easy. With the installation is done , you can immediately start making video conversations , for that just click the video camera icon. If the person wants to talk already have the application installed and meet the convener can start immediately.

Otherwise, Facebook warns her that you have a call on hold and you know if the other Facebook skype is installing the new functionality. If no answer, do not worry , you can always record a video message.

This new service is a partnership , so that Skype has a new interface that allows you to be connected and surf simultaneously on Facebook, simply allow the application. This interaction is important because Skype contacts are not always coincident with friends on Facebook .

When you have experienced the video chat Facebook tell us what is your opinion about the experience.