All Passengers on Flight MH370 Are Dead


All Passengers on Flight MH370 Are Dead: The carrier Malaysia Airlines has informed the families of the passengers of flight MH370, missing since March 8, that all people aboard the Boeing 777-200 ER are dead, the BBC reported.

In an SMS text message, the company has informed the family that “Deeply Regrets” having to take “Beyond reasonable doubt that the MH370 is lost and none of those aboard survived.”

As heard to say in the next few hours the prime minister of Malaysia, everyone must now accept that all the evidence suggests that the plane crashed in the southern Indian Ocean, said the airline.

Minister Malaysian Transport, Hishammuddin Hussein , said on Monday that the Malaysian authorities moved south corridor all the resources devoted to the search for the missing plane Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 if confirmed that the remains seen from the sky correspond, reported daily¬† ‘Straits Times’.

The main thing is to recover and identify remains detected by satellites ,” said Hishammuddin , in the press conference on Monday to report on the work of finding missing Boeing 777 -200ER on March 8 .

Hishammuddin has indicated that a plane of Australia has devised two objects, one round and one rectangular , south corridor – the journey south that might have followed the plane – and that the Australian Navy ship ‘Success’ may reach that area “within a few hours.”