Video Call With Your Facebook Friends Using Skype

connect skype with facebook

Video Call With Your Facebook Friends Using Skype: Facebook is now a day a largest social media network and its all about connecting with your friends. It is has not a better Chat System but there is one solution that you might know about Skype. The best chatting and IM, and the best voice chat services in the world.connect skype with facebookYou can integrate the best chatting service in the world with the world’s largest database of profiles, and you’ve got yourself a powerful recipe to connect with the people around you that you love. You can now use Skype to chat with your Facebook friends and video call them without visiting!

Here are the Steps You need to Use the Skype Video Chat With Your Facebook Friends.

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Simply go to the Skype website, and download the version of Skype appropriate for your platform.

Connecting Skype With Your Facebook Profile

It is Very Simple To connect your Skype to Facebook, Click on View on the Skype Menu Bar, and click on Skype Home. (as shown in the image below.)
Connecting Skype With FacebookConnecting to Facebook

Now you’ll see an option to ‘Connect to Facebook‘. If you don’t see it, that means you’re already connected! Now, go over to your Skype main view and click on the Facebook icon next to Contacts.
connect skype with facebook
Facebook on Skype

After Doing the above step, you’ll see that all of your friends who are online on Facebook are shown in the List. You can talk to them or call them just like you would on Facebook.

Enjoy Video Chat With Your Facebook Friends Cool 🙂


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