Five Simple Things You Should Not Do on Blog

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Social Blogging toolsFive Simple Things You Should Not Do on Blog: The most common thing is to get a blog going after agendas, modes of writing and know a bit more about the target audience, but that hardly anyone talks about is what not to do in blogs, what we should avoid exposing and even post.

Answer a comment, talking too much about your personal life, it all contributes to the reader or not return to your own address, and believe me sometimes minor reasons, are the most plausible to the reader never read its contents.

1. Do not be Sporadic: May seem silly, but the amount of blogs created every day and abandoned the other is absurd. Start a blog for your entertainment and give up two days later to forget or get tired, will not get you nowhere. In this case, it is better to create something together with someone or offer collaboration to other sites as well, as you are recognized in the middle, get to see it not really worth creating something for you.

2. Do not be Dispersed: Honestly, nobody wants to know what you’ve been doing, eating or going where they walked. People want to access content that your blog has to offer.

If your blog talks about fashion, addresses all over the world that surrounds it; the same goes for sports, food and yes, personal nature of blogs, where there yes you can talk about your life, your tastes and customs.

3. Do not Create Obligations to the reader: Many blogs aims number of enrolled or tanned in your page, and end up making “exclusive content”, where only registered users could access these; Do not do it, show content to your reader feel the urge to register and always receive such news.

4. Do not turn away: Do not forget that your readers want to feel close to you, then there’s no use putting your social networking outdated.

Be present and converse with your readers, always make available e-mail and if you do not want to disclose your personal, create one of your site; respond in no more than 48h and always use the language of the blog, whether formal or informal.

5. Accept criticism: Nothing worse than encountering a comment that turned war between the reader and the writer. Not cause confusion in the comments to defend your idea, if you posted should accept that not everyone will have the same opinion as you.

Are five simple tips and you can completely change the look of your blog. Do not give up, have focus, patience, accept criticism and learn its contents, all this coupled with the other qualities of the blog is what you need for a successful website.