When Moe Davis Play For New Year Crazy “Ni Da” Getting Better:┬áLunar New Year stalls this season starring the most powerful lineup in the New Year comedy getting better was met with a national audience on New Year’s Day.
When Moe Davis Play For New Year Crazy "Ni Da" Getting BetterThe film many stars employed every means in order to create a comic effect. The gold medal play bone Ni Da at the flighty sell Meng turned into trendy dad, she said with a smile: “This is really playing crazy.”

The most popular movies Lunar New Year stalls certainly Comedy, which brings together a star up the works are often the biggest winner. Lunar New Year comedy “getting better” is such a joyful, star-studded film.

The film many star of the biggest names gathered for their own dreams in order to take over a year, “trouble,” a series of hilarious and warm story in a fairy-tale mountain village.

All starring employed every means in order to create a comic effect. Had been slightly mania “Ni humor” unmatched laugh altar gold medal play bone Ni red the hot pursuit of fashionable funny trick become “Ni sell Meng.

Ni Da red with TongDaWei played a father and son in Getting Better. Face full of literary dreams “son” Ni red is really a lot of heart. “He is hopeful all parents father started growing a lifetime Ni Da, the literary ideal” son “wants to take exception. He spent long sterile and “son” motivated exhort a variety of ways.

When asked about their children’s ideal gap should be how to deal with parents hope, Ni Da admits that the people of every age to pursue things are not the same as parents should try to understand the child. “No matter what the child can happy is the parents the ultimate purpose.

Ni Da red slightly frantic “Ni humor has long been popular in the works of the” gun, traffic jam. The Getting Better, a pure rural dressed Ni Da do lovely gesture, but followed the trend show cute face, boldly walked one to sell Meng route. Ni Da smiled and explained that this attempt to sell Meng is entirely in order to comply with the role orientation.

“‘Moe’ lovely mean everyone has our play particularly lovely.” Last Ni Da said with a smile, in fact, their own life, also in a calm exterior, there is a sell Meng heart.