Missing Airplane: Malaysia Airlines MH370


Missing Airplane Malaysia Airlines MH370: Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and its 239 passengers vanished from radar while en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur.

Fly always involves some risk , even more (or less ) than any other activity. It is widely accepted that when a flight achieved its greatest height is one of the safest path phases. Therefore, the disappearance of flight 370 of Malaysia Airlines last Saturday has become a mystery. Do not emit any signal black box ? Did not they have found traces ?. They are some of the questions that many people today.

The crash of Air France Flight 447 , which was traveling between Rio de Janeiro and Paris that killed 216 passengers and 12 crew , happened on June 1, 2009.

Five days later the first remains were found. The pilots of Air France sent a mayday before crashing into the Atlantic. The MH 370 disappeared on Saturday without any signal .

” Whatever happened to happen quickly and caused a catastrophic result ,” said Mark Rosenker , former president of the National Board of Transportation Safety U.S. National Public Radio ( NPR ) U.S.

Not the first time a plane lands on flight. In the past it has been due to a mechanical fault or sabotage. Safety in the air is proven by the figures . Last week there were 155,000 commercial flights and one accident and one death occurs for every 45 million passengers.

An American company based in Colorado uses crowd-funding to try to find Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 disappeared on Saturday. The company DigitalGlobe has invited netizens combing satellite images of over 3,200 square kilometers of sea to try to achieve find any other aircraft .

Accordingly, the Company has posted on its web site by Tomnod the two satellite images covering the areas of the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea , where at first the plane was last seen .

The initiative DigitalGlobe was launched just before the Malaysian Army indicate that the flight could have been diverted from its original route , which could put your last location known to hundreds of kilometers from DigitalGlobe collected satellite images for draft micropatronage .

“If there is something to do on the surface ( sea ) , we’ll see ,” said Luke Barrington , head of DigitalGlobe Reuters.

The role of the pilot: When faced with a crisis, the main job of the pilots is to maintain control of the aircraft. That could explain why there was no communication from the plane Malaysian Airlines.

” If the drivers are another most important thing , talking with air traffic controllers is not a priority ,” said John Cox , a former commercial airline pilot who is now CEO of Operating Systems Security .

Conspiracy Theories: Some media have spoken disguised by governments operations , others speak of ” a new , mysterious and powerful force on earth ” that disintegrated the plane and some say that this is a kidnapping and that the aircraft is hidden in a hangar secret in the jungle. Others see parallels with the popular series Lost , as the flight disappeared from the TV show and Malaysian are Boieng 777.