Flight MH370 Disappeared in Malaysia Who Were Traveling


Flight MH370 Disappeared in Malaysia Who Were Traveling: The search continues for the missing flight MH370 days without giving any fruit and, as the most diverse theories about how a plane can disappear without a trace multiply , distress experienced by relatives of the 227 passengers on the Boeing continues to increase.

Relatives of Chinese passengers, the largest nationality have threatened Tuesday to do a Hunger Strike if the Malaysian government does not tell the truth about the fate that have had their relatives.

153 Chinese nationals aboard the plane. Stories like that of a group of Chinese artists who had traveled to Kuala Lumpur to showcase their work as part of an initiative to strengthen ties between the two countries , some painters with high reputation in China. Returned home after a ‘tour’ around the country.

In total people aboard the plane 13 different nationalities. After the Chinese, the largest was the nationality of citizens of Malaysia ( 38 ), Indonesia ( 12) and Australia ( 7). The graph heads this news you can see the countries of the 227 passengers.

People like Norli Akmar and her husband Muhammad Hamid Zamani Razahan a middle-class couple from Malaysia whose story was told in The Wall Street Journal.

They had married in 2012 and had originally planned to spend their honeymoon on a ‘resort’ luxury in Malaysia, but after having to postpone this trip because she got sick decided to change his mind and go to Peking .

The trip was about to be postponed again because she was pregnant and did not want to travel in that state. However , fate led to Norli suffered an abortion and the couple decided to continue with their plans , getting on the flight MH370 .

How are you stories have appeared in the media over the weeks. Is known of the lives of passengers on the photos and stories on social media published before boarding.

Less is known of the two passengers who used stolen passports and have been all kinds of speculation . Southeast Asia is known as a center of manufacturing false documents, which are also used by smugglers, illegal immigrants and asylum seekers .

It has been reported that both were Iranians and allegedly traveled, as illegal immigrants. Both men entered Malaysia on 28 February, at least one of them from Phuket in Thailand , eight days before taking the flight to Beijing, according to Director of Malaysian Immigration Aloyah Mamat . Both had reserves to continue their journey to Western Europe .

Other members of passage that most have been the talk were the 12 crew members , all of Malaysia. The Malaysian Police has registered households Zaharie Captain Ahmad Shah, 53, and First Officer , Fariq Abdul Hamid , 27 , in middle-class suburbs of Kuala Lumpur near the airport .

Among the things that agents took to consider include a flight simulator Zaharie had built in his house. A Police official knowledgeable of the investigation said that the flight simulator programs are being thoroughly examined and are apparently normal that allow users to practice flying and landing in different conditions.

A second police official knowledgeable of research has indicated that they have found no evidence linking the pilot with any radical group.

“Based on what we have so far , we can not see the terrorist side here,” he said. “We’ve used or known terrorist groups in Southeast Asia and the links are not extremists,” he added.