Die Hard 5 Video Of New Year Spring Festival


Die Hard 5 Video Of New Year’s Spring Festival: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation’s action movie starring “Die Hard 5″ is getting popular and it might be on the hit list.
Die Hard 5 Video Of New Year Spring FestivalHollywood action actor Bruce Willis, this time he will be with his son in the the exotic Russian war terrorists, the film will release on 2 June, 2014 in North America, a time when the Chinese Spring Festival, the film side today also released a special video coming out Happy New Year to everyone who plays the son of the new actors Jie.

Courtney and invite everyone not to miss exciting to go to the cinema to watch”Die Hard 5″, it is learned that the film is expected to years after the introduction of mainland China.

“Die Hard” series of global fans favorite, a record of more than 1.1 billion U.S. dollars of the total box office success, and also the image of the popular movie star Bruce Willis hero.
Julia Snigir in Die Hard 5The “Die Hard” Bruce Willis played undead Xiaoqiang John Mike Ryan will be the first out of the United States, came to the Russian war terrorists, but this time he has a new comrade in arms, that he son, Jack, played by the new Renjie Courtney Mike Ryan.

Mike Ryan always at the wrong time in the wrong place, and then forced to roll into a series of trouble, “Die Hard 5” will continue to follow this story is set, the movie by Marx.

Payne “director John Moore directed. John hit-and-son back to the United States, where they discover Jack is an earth-shattering in the local CIA execution for the U.S. mission, he must resolve a possible nuclear weapons robbery disaster, thrilling battle imminent originally years of substandard father and son to go through fire, through cooperation can be out of danger.

Blasting thriller, Speed​​, overturned, shootout, nuclear crisis action movie “hard goods” in the “Die Hard 5” A lot of this is the series of films inside action scenes of the most vast set is bound to let the audience feast for the eyes and experience unprecedented coaster stimulation.