Paul Walker Appeared In A Reprise Version Of Hitman:┬áThe Hollywood Action Movie “Fast and Furious” handsome star Paul Walker, recently took over the films about the next film shot by Fox International Film Investment “Hitman: Codename 47” remake.
Paul Walker Appeared In A Reprise Version Of HitmanAdapted from the film based on a popular game, in 2007, French filmmaker Luc Besson Europa film company had this game for the first time onto the big screen in the movie, 47th is the number of a bald killer played by Timothy Oliphant, reputation and box office after the release of the movie is not ideal.

“Hitman: Codename 47” story is very simple, about a clone produced by genetic engineering techniques known as “Code 47” for a mysterious organization assassination mission.

The result is the stories provoke endless trouble for themselves.

Paul Walker will play the male lead in this new version of the movie “47 number-one killer”, and shaved a big bald.

The new version of “Killer 47” Ahlers the garde Aleksander Bach a former advertising director served as director, the film is his feature film debut, the location shooting in Berlin and Singapore, in 2014 debut.