Elizabeth Olson Signed Up With The Godzilla

Elizabeth Olson Signed Up With The Godzilla

Elizabeth Olson Signed Up With The GodzillaElizabeth Olson Signed Up With The Godzilla: Elizabeth Olsen actress of Hollywood’s cutting-edge, before joining a large disaster, preparations for a long time the new version of “Godzilla” by Warner Brothers.

The film is directed by the director of “Monsters restricted area” Gareth Edwards, Aaron Johnson is expected to play a movie actor, has considerable fame in the TV industry veteran actor cloth Bryan Cranston has been determined to join the movie.

Johnson will play a human soldiers to save the world, and Bryant Cranston plays his stepfather.

Has been the third consecutive year of uninterrupted publicity version of “Godzilla”, once was tragically stranded, but producers Warner Bros. has not stopped the pace of preparations.

Who directed the famous film “The Shawshank Redemption” director Frank de la Burt will rewrite the movie script.

This is the final round of the screenplay substantially modified.

“Godzilla” was launched in San Diego in July last year animation festival teaser trailers, disaster movie scene is somewhat similar to a volcanic eruption, the gray clouds pressure over the city, skyscrapers repair was devastated corpse so overwhelming shocking, violent and bloody Index than in 1998, “Godzilla” superior.

“Godzilla” script several easy to master, had previously written “Batman: Begins,” “Blade Runner,” a well-known screenwriter David – high IL-surgeon, followed by the seventh son of screenwriter Max – Bohlen Stan rewriting a draft, Frank – de la Burt script will re-repair.

Be held on May 16, 2014, the new version of “Godzilla” landed in North American theaters, and will be released in 3D version.