Minegishi Minami Sex Scandal: Shaved Head Video Apology

Minami Minegishi

Japanese Pop Star Minegishi Minami (峯岸みなみ) Sex Scandal: Shaved Head Video Apology: KB48 Singer Minegishi Minami took a razor and shaved her head and made a tearful video apology to fans after after she broke strict band rules by sleeping with her boyfriend sub-storm dancer Alan Shirahama.

Minami was reprimanded by AKB48s managers after the story leaked – prompting her bizarre video message.

Minami Minegishi
Shirahama and sub-storm dancers opponent (19). Brother of the popular group EXILE, but members of the popular “GENERATIONS” was debuted last year.

“It is not known Shirahama still the name, drama last year” “midnight drama in the fall. Appeared” BLUES bastard “and” GTO “He was the leading role in” sugarless (desk entertainment)

Alan Shirahama was found to be announced as “a good friend” about the relationship between (AKB48) Minegishi Minami staying devoted to coverage has been made.

We reported that the Minegishi Minami was staying at the house of a sub-storm in the Setagaya in Shirahama (Issue Release January 31, 2013) Bunshun,

Minegishi Minami fuss about this, she released a comment on the videos on youtube channel of AKB48I have done thing all wrong” and that there was no mention adoration. Appearance and clean-shaven head, I apologized in tears.

Minegishi Minami apology video at youtube, as follows.

Because of my review in the weekly magazine released today, this time, we apologize that fans and members, Mr. staff, family, etc. We apologize for the worry.
I think it was very hasty action without conscious spite of the position we must take action to be a positive role model for younger as the first phase.
In the head is still pure white, what do I do …
I did not know what can be, I’ve decided to become a priest without consulting anyone can not be there even after watching a weekly magazine.
The very first thing I thought, was that I do not want to stop AKB48 By this, I have not think of this time can be allowed.
Leaving’ve spent youth, members favorite, the AKB48 fan warm to me that there is now unthinkable.
It may be wishful thinking, if you can, I want to be Minegishi Minami of AKB48 yet. That is what I was wrong all this time. I’m terribly sorry.
For the future we will be left to the judgment of the teacher, such as Akimoto.
We have not arrived yet organized, we have to tell you that I think about it now.

Mr. Shirahama storm sub-office will be devoted only to comment on the report staying, on Twitter itself does not seem to comment (as of early morning February 1) so far.