Elizabeth Moss The Actress Of “Mad Men” New Crime Drama


“Mad Men” Actress Led The New Crime Drama “Mystery Lake Summit To Explore Humanity: The time Reuters Compared American crime drama covers the shootout, chase the ups and downs of setting British leisurely reasoning and careful look is also quite a good feeling.
mystery lake summit to explore humanityDirector Jane Campion, who directed “Bright Star,” “Piano Love” literary masterpiece Jane Campion will launch such a the mini crime drama called “mystery lake summit”.

Elisabeth Moss, “Mad Men” actress Oscar winner, “piano Passion” care of the household, Holly Hunter, and Australian actor David Hon starring side by side.

The story takes place in the fog-shrouded, it is gloomy distant town and harbor five months pregnant 12-year-old girl Tui Mitcham slowly into the icy lake, from heard from since.

Elizabeth Moss, who plays the police detective Robin Griffin is responsible for investigating the case, found that this is not a simple population disappearances. She is not only trying to find the girl, but also the face like a nightmare of the past.

During the investigation, she will and Tui father, Matt Mitcham, compete with local drug lords, and the psychic played by Holly Hunter, Robin will gradually found her limit will be tried the whole process is also some of her journey of self-discovery.

The story not only tells the whole story of a tragedy, but also explores the ups and downs of human nature and weaknesses.

The summit of “mystery lake” Top of the lake will be premiered on the Sundance Channel in the United States on March 18, BBC2 will also broadcast the play.