Who Will Pay Honor to T-ara After Scandal?


Who Will Pay Honor to T-ara After Scandal?: Though there are fans all over the world support T-ara, the media no longer stand for netizens to criticize T-ara, even the one who spread the rumor was arrested … then what happened , can erase data?

As one of Korea’s most popular girl group in 2012, T-ara has won more success and gain more profit from singing, acting, advertising …

However, the second half of the year, T-ara crisis and became the focus of attack by the public. Just because a few lines tweet chat between members on the social network, after being molded by the imagination of netizens have become offensive words for member Ryu Hwayoung.
Tara scandal photoThings become worse when netizens sought accusing them of bullying members. The the discrete Clips from the television show, fun normal actions were patchy to become bullying. Boram allegedly damaged cells of Hwayoung when actual Boram just running toward the umbrella was broken before, Eunjung allegedly stuffed rice cakes Hwayoung mouth to make her choke when it is the law play and program requirements. Hyomin accused of deliberately Hwayoung poked in the eye when it is purely accidental and Hyomin turned to apologize. Soyeon accused of not getting the dumplings by Hwayoung, cause she did not have bread to eat when they still steamed cake then and Hwayoung still eat with everyone. Jiyeon even allegedly slapped Hwayoung in the gym when this is completely not true.

From things that are not clear, not authentic, netizens cheered for T-ara’s a serious crime that is bullying the 7th member of the group. However, it is only the starting point. Do not just stop at mere allegations, netizens find ways to “punish” the members of T-ara as the name of the “bully” they were assigned to the girls.
tara membersTo think the bully is not worthy to appear anywhere or get any love or support, T-Jinyo established under the management of a 15-year-old boy has attracted hundreds of thousands of people involved with purpose requirements truth from T-ara. But not a fact evident from earlier. All from the very beginning has been drawn up by the imagination of netizens as well as the hand should contribute fanning rumors.

Before the controversy full of noisy, can not be explained, the girls return home and live in silence. They were severe stress, do not eat or sleep. The footage was recorded even before it was removed, Quiz change the new world with the appearance of Eunjung, Jiyeon and Areum after up also stoned to by the waves.

Management companies have not been able to curb the spread of rumors when the speed of its spread so quickly through the Internet. Rumors of nowhere and makes T-ara’s almost back to the starting point. Despite trying to staunch stand on stage again, T-ara did not get success as before when so many people turn their backs on them. One of the few who defended them also became the target of attacks by netizens.

Therefore, the choice of T-ara’s silent to protect Hwayoung and myself. They knew one thing, though no matter what they say, all is meaningless. What they hope is a time, as an attempt to regain the feelings of the people around.

After months can not handle the controversy, Core Contents Media has decided to sue all media gave false information that affects chickens. The company is also claiming compensation from the manufacturer Five fingers when acting unilaterally terminate the contract, and taking advantage of Eunjung. Moreover, after the decision to forgive a netizen who spread rumors – are teenagers, Core Contents Media has tougher action by suggesting Seoul police to investigate and found the culprit.
Tara scandalJust recently, after five months since the controversy broke out, with all his efforts, the network security team of Gangnam Police have found and arrested who was pretending to be back dancer of T -ara and spread rumors that Hwayoung Jiyeon slapped her with a small error in training. This information was previously the leader of the crew confirmed as false. This person claimed that he is just spreading rumors, not the poster so that rumor.

To date, the original has been removed so the police are continuing to investigate. But who spread false rumors fueled the debate is likely to be accused of humiliating the honor and dignity of others.

Can say, rumors like this do not know who started from, what motivation … but it is the root cause of all the controversy. Even the words of judgment on individual members can also be started from the people against T-ara. They know how to spread and understand spread of powerful Internet speed from which to make your engine.

After all, even to suffer a lot of pressure and intimidation, criticism, T-ara is still trying to step your path full of thorns. Before that, though catching a netizen false rumors, but because it is only minor, the T-ara and companies have to forgive and not to investigate this.

In the end, they always look at myself look apologetic and altruism. Although KEMA – Korean Entertainment Management Association to protect the honor and ordered to boycott manufacturers Five fingers but Eunjung asked KEMA to revoke the order because she did not want to take these things more again and want to forget everything.

But netizens do for them? Psychological crowd blindly accuse them, destroyed all their effort and energy including sleepless nights, the times bite injuries suffered to be teammates on stage, to can offer the perfect performance for the audience and the sweat in the training sessions from early morning to late at night. They forgave those that destroy them, destroy their dreams.

Though there are fans all over the world to support, though the media so far has not sided with netizens to criticize T-ara, even for those who have spread rumors were arrested … What happened, can erase data? T-ara has been vindicated? Who will return honor and glory dreams for them?