Angelababy Posed Photos with G-Dragon: Fans Angry And Criticized, Miss Hong Kong Angelababy suffered with storm of evil comment intentions because trot “love” of young leader G-Dragon.

Last week, a series of Asia’s top stars gathered in the TV station’s MAMA Awards Korea was held in Hong Kong. Can mention some names like Psy, Big Bang, Super Junior, Jackie Chan, Wang Lee Hom, Yam … In addition, the event also 2 guests “international” is Adam Lambert and BoB.

Angelababy Posed Photos with G-Dragon
Angelababy Posed Photos with G-Dragon

Angelababy is one of the guests and the task of the MAMA awards. As a fan of the Big Bang should have the opportunity to touch the favorite artists, Angelababy has not missed a chance to reach.

Some of the Hong Kong newspaper said, when not on duty, Angelababy always “trailing” follow her leader G-Dragon. The pair take us several photos and even exchanged phone numbers. Angelababy is said to have an attitude of “cheer and stumble mallet” with G-Dragon.

As soon as the article appeared, a lot of fans Big Bang feel angry and let no little criticism on the blog of the beautiful actress.

Before the “attack” of fans, Angelababy voiced rejected when she wrote on the blog: “I’m not friendly and did not exchange phone numbers with anyone.’s All fake news.”

Angelababy And G-Dragon At MAMA Awards

However, only 30 minutes after it, Angelababy has removed the article and his complete silence before the incident.

Miss Hong Kong Angelababy was Born in 1989.  Angelababy is one of the most popular young actoress in Hong Kong. The last time, a beautiful mark with 2 films Taichi 0 and Taichi hero. Angelababy also a “red ball” next to the mainland star Huang Xiaoming.