Tampines Accident: Two Young Brothers Killed Photo

Tampines Accident Two Boys Killed Photo

Tampines Accident Photo: Two Young Brothers Killed by Cement Mixer Truck: Two boys, about aged 10-years and 13-years, were killed in an accident involving a cement mixer truck at the junction of Tampines Avenue 9 and Tampines Street 45, Singapore Civil Defence Force spokesperson told Yahoo! Singapore. SCDF received a call about the incident at 5:43pm.

(Photo has been removed In Respect of Two Young Boys and Their Family )

According to media reports citing the police, the boys were brothers aged 7 and 10 and the younger one was wearing a Tampines North Primary School uniform.

The 56-year-old Singaporean driver has been arrested at the scene by police.

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But when paramedics arrived at the scene, both boys, aged seven and 13, were pronounced dead.

A MediaCorp hotline caller said that the incident happened only 50 metres from the school gates, and that he saw a smashed bicycle lying near the boys.

Meanwhile, gruesome photos believed to be of the dead boys have been spreading online, sparking concern among some netizens.

In one of the photos, a body of a boy beside a badly dented bicycle lies on the road.

In a tweet, blogger Kinmun Lee, otherwise known as mrbrown, said, “Please, don’t spread those photos of the two siblings who died at the Tampines bicycle accident anymore. Their parents might see it.”


  1. Greetings. May I humbly request that the image be removed, so as to show respect and sensitiveness to the bereaved family. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi Ali,

    I respectfully ask you to remove the pictures, this is because the pictures can still be found under google search. I understand that you want to share this moment as a reminder to all so that they can be more careful, but maybe you could post other pictures e.g. of the funeral instead? This is a plead to you, cos only you can do it. The parents are devastated, and the father is obviously someone who peruse the web too, so they could see it and be reminded of how their sons died such a tragic death. I think they have ,memories that they want to keep of their children and it’s most definitely not one that is posted on this blog. I’m sorry if what I plead cause offence to any of your intentions, but I think in the big picture, it’s the best thing to do now. Thank you

  3. Hi, the parents of the boys have seen the bodies on Monday. But they do not deserve to be reminded of how their children died that day. I respectfully request that you remove the picture. Thank you.

  4. people have already asked u to remove the pictures, but u still insist on posting. And Ali…u are the only one who post the bodies of the 2 boys ok! ARE U A HEARTLESS PERSON? U HAVE NO SYMPATHY OVER THE 2 BOYS AT ALL!

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