Kim Tae Hee: Old Interview Photo With Brother

Kim Tae Hee brother interview

Kim Tae Hee: Old Interview Footage of 2 Sisters and Photo With Brother, Kim Tae Hee was stripped of the title star brother and she has become the focus of attention in the networking community.

Recently, fans excited when a past interview of Kim Tae Hee and her brother Lee Wan is posted on the Internet. Titled “Kim Tae Hee is just a normal human being”, this video quickly attracted the attention of the online community.
Kim Tae Hee brother interviewThe most impressive thing in this clip is the Lee Wan voiced decry sister: “My sister really not shrink attractive all the time at home. She has many types of glazed hard to describe. “

In other entertainment programs, the younger brother of actress Love Story Harvard also confided: “Our sisters are not dissimilar, she was different from of girl that I like.”

Netizens have left much earlier comment peeled dramatic action Lee Wan for Kim Tae Hee. They said: “How can he say that they have nothing other than the normal pair of brothers and sisters?”, “Kim Tae Hee is also just as often“.

Since publicly dating Bi (Rain), Tae Hee proved quite tight-lipped. Especially at disciplinary Rain “detention”, Kim Tae Hee was silent travel abroad with relatives.

It is known to express the attitude of repentance, recently “one eyelid Prince” operation request is transferred to the front-line areas. However, the military said that Rain will continue to serve current unit the end of the term of military service in July.