Big Bang – SNSD Successful Tour in Canada

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Big Bang – SNSD Successful Music Tour in Canada:  Two cult groups kimchi has split the country dominated the album charts in North America. As reported by the Canadian media company, Big Bang and SNSD impressive achievement here by leading a series of charts Kpop and Jpop.

bigbang1Two group owns the best-selling album of on Canadian’s Plus Musicque music channel. If Big Bang dominated the pop charts with album Alive, SNSD Chem tea in the highest position on the chart Jpop thanks album Girls and peace.

snsd girls1On the pop charts, “GA pet” under training furnace SM simultaneously occupy high ranking in the top 10: Super Junior (Sexy, Free and Single, Mr. Simple), EXO (MAMA), SHINee (Sherlock), TaeTiSeo (Twinkle) and DBSK (Catch me).

Some other position of the top 10 belong to the G-Dragon (One of a kind), INFINITE (Infinitize).

Meanwhile, in addition to holding the No. 1 pop chart, Big Bang is “squeezed” into the Jpop charts, Pocket No. 5 by Alive. Also 5 “chicken” YG, a Kpop boygroup god phenomenon also appeared in this chart is U-Kiss at No. 6.

The remaining prominent position under the names hit Jpop like Ayumi Hamasaki, Arashi and KAT-TUN.

bigbang1 snsd girlsBig Bang and SNSD impressive achievement by leading a series of Kpop and Jpop charts in Canada.

While the K-pop charts marked the expansion of “chicken” SM, Jpop charts the presence of Big Bang and U-Kiss alongside series stars Jpop.