T-ara Controversy Also Become Hot Topic For Parents of Students


T-ara Controversy Also Become Hot Topic For Parents of Students:  The Controversy about T-ara Case is no longer just a problem in the music industry but also in the various communities that are managed by parents of students have come up with an expression of anger and concern over their impact on society also fans are angry.

The fact that this controversy has two main social problems of exclusion and intimidation so as to bring attention not only from the entertainment industry, but also the parents, they think the problem could be releksi of the condition of their child at school.

One of the school community for the elderly has seen more than 150 postings from parents who voiced their opinion.

Many who leave comments like, “We can not consider the controversial T-ara is a matter for experienced idol group. I strongly believe that if the idol will greatly affect the students, and will affect the character education of our children “,” They’ll think it’s okay if the bully

Whereas for the neutral parent, commented, “We do not know who is speaking the truth at this time. If one of my daughter is a T-ara member and receive a lot of hatred, I think I am not a good parent

“There is sufficient evidence that bullying is happening,” and “their attitude is not really different from the school who tried to cover up the problem of bullying because it is difficult to overcome”