Singer Byul Will Join Her Fiance HaHa Agency: Recently it was revealed that the Singer Byul will join HaHa’s Agency that is now overshadowed HaHa, QUAN Entertainment stated.

Singer Byul Will Join Her Fiance HaHa Agency
Singer Byul Will Join Her Fiance HaHa Agency

In relation to this, a representative of QUAN Entertainment stated if, “Our agency has been like a family. If she is married to HaHa then of course they would both work together. Byul now iniakan release new album in October before the marriage takes place.

In addition, HaHa itself also implies Byul removals during the press conference held on August 15 yesterday by saying “Byul plans to soon release an album under the auspices of my agency. All preparations have been completed.

Byul herself has made debut as a solo female artist in 2002 ago with the release of her single ‘Smile and Smile‘ in October last year with the group Sound Wasabi.

While the introduction to HaHa and Byul has been going on for eight years, but the couple just starting their relationship as lovers in March and will be married on November 30th of this year.