Hwayoung Being Arrogant Said T-ara Representative


Hwayoung Being Arrogant Said T-ara Representative: A representative of T-ara group open the voice of the controversy that had befallen this group.

In jTBC ‘Entertainment Exclusive‘ 3 August, the┬árepresentative said during the interview,

“Hwayoung is the last member to join the group. I bet he thought that he had worked hard, but it may not reflect the views of the other member. ”

Further added “After that, Hwayoung have a celebrity complex”.

“He has become arrogant, because he was a T-ara member and he was a celebrity. The other member from mendisiplinkannya about it, then all slowly increasing and there is today. ”

One of the rep said, “There may be some T-ara member of a good relationship with Hwayoung. But many of the opinions of the most influential member to be difficult to ignore, and the member may be in a difficult situation where they must choose one side (the parties). “