Kristen Stewart Parents are Ashamed of Her

Kristen Stewart Parents are Ashamed of Her

Kristen Stewart Parents are Ashamed of Her: This is not the Kristen Stewart we know. You have said those closest to the actress, more specifically, parents who do not give credit to their daughter was able to betray the beautiful relationship that she had with Robert Pattinson.
Kristen Stewart Parents are Ashamed of Her    It seems that the Kristen Stewart environment is reacting to her infidelity with the director of Snow White and the Hunter and nothing more and nothing less than Kristen Stewart’s parents have spoken and have said they do not recognize their daughter.

If I had enough that Robert Pattinson would not forgive her, now their parents do not understand the reason to destroy your relationship more than three years with the actor. So, have said that no one but she can learn from her mistake.

Specifically, parents of Kristen Stewart has claimed that she can not blame anyone but herself and assume her fault. Apparently, photos of actress and director has been echoed and have reached the ears of her family.

A source close to the Stewart family Mirror has informed the current position of the parents of Kristen on this scandal: “They feel that Kristen has embarrassed herself and not blame Rob for having turned away. This is not they know the Kristen.

Still, Kristen Stewart infidelity with Rupert Sanders is already part of the list of Hollywood stars Kristen Stewart and infidels, even if you want, you can not remove that title ever.