Benedict Ang Yong Chuean Scandal Trial


Lieutenant ( LTA) Benedict Ang Yong Chuean Scandal Trial: According to the Canberra Times newspaper reported, Hung Yangquan (Yong Chuean Benedict Ang) was charged with two counts of lewd female students in the case of unauthorized, but ACT Magistrates’ Court did not recognize these charges.
Benedict Ang Yong ChueanJudge Walker (Lorraine Walker) pointed out that the merits of her listed in court documents are satisfied with the case there is sufficient evidence for a jury verdict.

Police said Chen, 21-year-old Benedict Ang Yong Chuean on May 6 this year, In a cadet’s room into the National Defence College, lying in bed dawdle girls back, shoulders, neck and side waist. Court documents show the victim’s request flood Benedict Ang Yong Chuean to leave, but he clasped the victim’s chin, making her head can not move.

Police ignoring the resistance of the victim, many times want to tongue out her mouth. The alleged reason why the victims cried out for help, is near the room is vacant, she felt that if shouting will be counterproductive.

Court documents show that female students feel nausea and helplessness “so I decided to go to bed, thinking such a Benedict Ang Yong Chuean should go. When she woke up ,she found that the Benedict Ang Yong Chuean pinch her breasts.

Benedict Ang Yong Chuean admit his guilt, saying, “I told her I am sorry.

Benedict Ang Yong Chuean Singapore National Members of the military in the country. His defense lawyer said he is currently studying at the University of New South Wales. Benedict Ang Yong Chuean refused to provide testimony in primary hearing the case later this month in the Capital Territory High Court trial.