Google New Feature Experience Google Now For Browser

google unit conversion

Google New Feature “Experience Google Now” For Browser: Google has increased its searches for ‘Smartphones’ and ‘Tablets‘ featuring interactive wider results of consultations on some specific issues that require real-time data. Almost makes useful currency converter, measurement units, information on flight time or in small widgets that Google service recuedan Now.

Google already allows searches useful in these fields who need instant information, although quite simple. If the user wants to convert a figure from dollars to euros, simply write in the motor housing. It is possible to, for example “XX euro dollar” and Google shows the equivalence. In addition, semantic search can even ask the question normally to Google and that this understanding and provide the answer.
google unit conversion   However, the Mountain View company has greatly enriched these searches related to currency conversions, financial information, weather, translations of words or finding local to a city.

It is very common searches for users who normally require a quick response. For example, when the surfer wants to find a flight and check your arrival time or are delayed, this search involves entering the website of the airline company or travel agency, look for the specific flight and watch the route. However, with quick searches by entering the flight bar questions Google offers immediate feedback about the arrival time, delays and other useful information.

Now with the new engine changes its mobile version and ‘tablets’, interactive these searches not only provide the answer. The required information appears in a kind of ‘widget’ in which the Internet user can modify fields as the type of converter you want to continue using or switch to another currency.

The Silicon Valley company has presented this option at the moment for ‘smartphones’ and ‘tablets’ in its English version, a reflection of the huge flow of Internet searches performed from these devices, which are recorded more such requests.

This innovation made in the form reminds the service presented by Jelly Bean Google Android Google Now. This wizard provides a stroke-like windows which now appear in mobile search, with all the information in real time the same fields: finance, weather, flights, etc.. In addition, Google Now includes a voice control system.