Having Children out of Wedlock Chan Chun Sing Said


Having Children out of Wedlock Chan Chun Sing Said: Singapore can boost its low fertility rate if Singaporeans can accept women having children out of the wedlock, said ‘Acting’ Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing.

Speaking during a forum held by the Institute of Policy Studies on the issue of integration, Mr Chan said Singapore will have to make some difficult ‘social choices’ if it wants to solve problems such as a low fertility rate and low wages.

Singapore could turn its dismal total fertility rate (TFR) of 1.2 around, as Nordic countries managed to do – if it accepts women having children out of wedlock, but are we prepared to do that? These are social choices that we have to make for ourselves,” Mr Chan said.

His comments caused a stir in cyberspace with some netizens disagreeing with him.

Some comments on Hardwarezone forum:

“what kinda moral values is he trying to teach our young kids” – KevlinOo

“these deaf frogs before talk bird really ish pls go set good sexample with action by changing your HDB, education and social policies first to stop discriminating single parent then come talk to us about accepting people that had kids out of wedlock.” – soulhacker

“more single mothers ? i am not saying Single Mother is not good, but its a little bit better for a child to grow up in a complete family. And if more girls are welcomed to this choose a lifestyle like this, who going to take care of the men when we grow old. Instead of finding the real problem ..they are again taking the easy way out…. these way got side effect.. its may solve the problem now, but it will create more problem in the future….” – evildoer

What do the ladies here think? Do you accept having children out of wedlock?