Popular Model Melyssa Grace at Cars and Girls of SIN

Popular Model Melyssa Grace
Popular Model Melyssa Grace

Popular Model Melyssa Grace at Cars and Girls Show: Girls are one of the biggest attractions at the Super Import Nights auto show. Fans of import rides and models have been anxiously waiting and frequently asking when the next Super Import Nights (SIN) will be. SIN is a homegrown aftermarket automotive exhibition with a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories, modified cars and of course, car show models.

Popular Model Melyssa Grace
Popular Model Melyssa Grace

After a two-year break, SIN returns for its fourth instalment on 25 to 27 May 2012 at Singapore Expo Hall 3. As they get extremely busy preparing for the show, I managed to squeeze a quick word with Simon Foo and Chris Ang of Three Angles Production, the men behind this show.

The amazingly gorgeous Melyssa Grace was taken for a ride in a GTR with a whopping 1300 horse power. And being a car enthusiast herself, naturally she loved it! You can check her out on Facebook and Twitter.

Race queens at a car show are akin to cheerleaders at a football game.

The cars are the main attraction and the girls are there to add colour and enhance the whole show. Which car show in the world has no girls?

In fact, some car shows are beginning to have male models! We hope to break stereotypes that such shows are sleazy.

The girls at our show, especially the import models, are professionals. Our show is open to public and there is no minimum age.

Super Import Nights open on Friday 25 May to Sunday 27 May, from 11am onwards.

Tickets are priced at S$10 for adults and S$5 for children below 12 years.

The last SIN was held in September 2009, a week before the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, also at Singapore Expo. Our first show was in 2007.