Lady Gaga Creates Her Own Social Network


Lady Gaga Creates Her Own Social Network: After becoming one of the most famous fans in social networks, Lady Gaga has decided to create its own social network, a platform with which to share content and keep in touch with their fans.

Having more than 24 million followers on Twitter will have made her reflect. Lady Gaga wants her fans to congregate on a website and can interact with it. The website is called and to join this network must be done through the website of Lady Gaga.

Although it is still in beta testing and still not published the official date of its launch, the fanérrimos Lady Gaga fans can start to operate in ‘Little Monster’ and interact with other fans.

This is all the rage to consolidate his fame and Lady Gaga has also decided to skip 2.0 and create the world, not his own website, which already has, but a social network to act as a ‘monster mom’ and be under the same ‘ceiling’ to their little ‘mostruitos’ as she calls her fans.