Glenda Han Workers’ Party Pretty Babe


Glenda Han Workers’ Party Pretty Babe: Miss Glenda Han Su May is the prettiest female election candidate Singapore ever had. She was a Workers’ Party candidate of their youngest GRC team and they garnered a respectable 34% of the votes in Ang Mo Kio GRC against the PAP team led by PM Lee H L.

The Straits Times wrote the brand name of the WP that earned them the decent result but it is actually because of the quality of the candidates, especially Glenda! She is hot and she rocks!

A total package of looks, intellect, passion and ability! A quote from her rally speech: “There will be misses. Some business will fail, but there will some which will work out! Right?”

Her posts in Workers’ Party are:

– Central Executive Council Member
– Central Area Committee Vice-Chairman