Blizzard Confirmed Theft of Accounts in Diablo III: Blizzard has released a statement admitting that there was an increase in reports of users who have suffered the theft of their accounts. The company explained that it is a common situation after the launch of a new product. Since Blizzard have sympathized with the victims and ensured that work for this type of incident is becoming less common.

Diablo III was premiered last week amid great expectations. The game, long awaited by fans of the series, promises to be one of the benchmark bond between the MMO. The flood of visitors who wanted to enjoy Diablo III has led to some service problems, which have been accompanied by accounts and data theft.

Blizzard, Head of Diablo III, has confirmed these two problems. As for servers, it was expected that the influx of players to online mode is saldase with some problems, which will be resolved in the coming days. In the case of theft of passwords, Blizzard also seen as something normal that cybercriminals exploit the premiere of one of his titles to try to trick users.

Historically the launch of a new game such as World of Warcraft, generates an increase in reports of individual accounts involved, exactly what we’re seeing now with Diablo III” from the company explained. The truth is that different security companies had warned of an increase in ciberestafas, especially phishing aimed at users of Diablo III. Cybercriminals take advantage of the expectation of users to engage their accounts.

Although Blizzard believes that the usual increase in complaints, the company has not hesitated to express solidarity with the users. “We know how frustrating it can be seen theft victim accounts and, as always, are dumped in doing everything possible to help our players to keep their accounts safe,” Blizzard have said since.

The company has provided links where users can check mechanisms and routines to improve the security of their accounts. In addition, Blizzard has explained some of the security mechanisms used to protect access to user accounts. The company offers various tools such as Mobile Authenticator.

The company also stressed that they are using a system that detects use of the off-normal, as access from an unusual point, after which requests specific information to users to validate their identity. From Blizzard expect these systems to help improve security and limit account theft. It is also important that users take precautions, especially to suspicious messages or emails.