Khanh Chi Lam: A Woman in The Shape of Man

Khanh Chi Lam1
Khanh Chi Lam: ‘I do not have a one-night stand’, 5 love, walk-in 5 men said that along with Lam Chi Khanh “if you are a real woman, I’d marry you.” The woman in the shape of men have thought before deciding to make the largest surgical university life?

During a visit to the studio crew in the late summer storm in April last year, the writer happened to be listening to your little young actors see each other on the Lam Chi Khanh transgender singer was 80%. A young actor also claimed to have met colleagues in the shape of a woman and is known Lam Chi Khanh intend to change the name Khanh Chi Lam.

However, when the write call Lin Chi Khanh, he refused to answer and see you one more time will call back. True ambiguity, as in the beginning of June, Lam Chi Khanh suddenly suddenly appear on the report as the victim of a car accident. Many people recognize the hit singer image heart not sleep, emaciated but still full of masculine features, though for long hair, summed up the nape.

Khanh Chi LamEarlier in September, the writer calls Lam Chi Khanh spoke, this time, he suddenly asked the reporter referred to as “she” and boasted: “Now call me she was then I became sub- women then. ” Agreed to an interview, however, more than three months later, Lin Chi Khanh arrange a direct meeting in a coffee shop in the heart of the city. Before that, the writer also see Lin Chi Khanh in a new movie launch event, but “she” refused to agree to take pictures, do not answer any questions.

Forest Chi Khanh, rather at have called Khanh Chi Lam, alone and late for nearly 40 minutes. High bun hair, face makeup simple but incredibly beautiful, Lam Chi Khanh wearing a black and white checkered jumsuit, showing a feminine physique, is not inferior to any girl. Call a strawberry vanilla ice cream with 2 tablets for fear of sharks, Khang only after about ten minutes of reservations expressed openness to talk to reporters.

I not lemon-robin as rumors: Over time, the name Lam Chi Khanh – Khanh Lam constantly curious public. Many reporters have met but almost her refusal, only be answered via e-mail or phone makes sister lemon reputation. Real damage it?

– As of today, when be sitting talking directly this, I just finished his university surgery almost 3 months. When information about my transgender sprung up on the internet, I just returned to Vietnam after surgery in about a week. Familiar friends, you call reporters, but because of weak health, so I can not see. Not because I’m afraid or lemon Choe, haughty anything. On the one hand because of poor health, on the other hand I think the answer via email will have time to read and think more should make answer or direct interviews. Before I was afraid to speak account not smart.

– Now her health?
– By now, I still sometimes shocked by unstable health. Back then I weighed 60kg, but now only about 50kg. Because health reduced to 10 kg should not be possible. But has become a real woman with some weight, I am very satisfied. I was losing weight for two reasons: the effect of the injection of sex hormones for a long time and the dissection.

– To become a woman, it is desirable or what she recently had been simmering for a long time?

– I have decided to move the world from the very abnormal heart concert in 2006. At that time, I started to like, want and also thoughtful about this, but by the grace not to take now to make it. After the female hormone injection every week for 2 years, I feel I adapted to the new gender should decide on surgery. However, I’m pretty mature before their decisions. Before that I went to the studio and wear makeup to see if his daughter is really pretty, and especially to see if there are enough bravery to do the same thing. Transgender not want to be connected anywhere. Anyway, I’m a celebrity. Photography is done, everyone is beautiful compliment, which I was confident about their decisions and start preparing everything.

Khanh Chi Lam1Many rumors I moved from a very long time. But in fact, I recently had surgery only. When taking wedding photos, I’m still in the shape of a man, but by the hormone injected soft breasts and bloom, even in bra cleavage always. It’s completely 100% real breasts but no place where chest pocket.

– There is also the idea that you absolutely never transgender surgery and this is only way to warm up the name game?
– I find it very funny. Because if there is a way to play it would hide how long? I am an artist with high self-esteem should not remove their own sex stories to make way angling guests. What must I do to famous women. My purpose is to live true to yourself and your life with love.

Only when are you getting married?
– If nothing changes, the 1-2 years I will marry and have children.
I saw that I did not lose anything
– Every successful and famous, but then she was silent for a long time. Time hiding like you remember the scene?
– Do not. I’m not hiding. That time I still function normally in the provincial performances. It is just that I do not appear in stage Saigon or the media only.

– Many people believe that you only change the appearance but still keep singing man listen very … period?
– I’m not sad. Because I do not like capital imitate anyone, born voice so can not be changed. If I tried to sing softly as her daughter, the voice on the waist waist like a cat call between music stars that hear. The world has many singers sing crazy man crazy like that still adored, sir, eventually people will get used. Important to me singing voice is deep, heart is fine.

– Do you think this is a makeover of her?
– Why not? Because until now I have been true to yourself that. I’m not a singer Lam Chi Khanh anymore, which has now become her singer Khanh Chi Lam feminine, gentle. Only heavenly voice is impossible to change, but I do not want to change, because that voice is my identity. Next time I will try to change practice, but if you feel better, better than I would!

– Myself, what do you see and take after surgery?
– I lost nothing. Even feel a lot of the “is” from family, lovers, friends, spectators, colleagues, as well as the media … I hope, time will answer for all to see to get today, I was more than lost.

– Why did you change the name from Lam Chi Khanh to Khanh Lam? It has special meaning to you?
– The transgender but I still want to keep something for myself. And when the island name sounds well, is cute so I used always but no other attempt. Transgender people after 6 months to really beautiful.
– At the same time panicky transgender women, there are other beautiful people “attack” showbiz with similar images. There are many comparison that she is not as beautiful as Huong Giang Idol?
– If people like her Huong Giang and compliment the more beautiful then I feel normal, it’s nothing to be sad. God born from one individual beauty so new life more diverse. Do you think so? I have distinctions and where to be. Huong Giang Idol too and of course, all comparisons are lame.

I thought that most women are uncomfortable when criticism is worse than the other girls?
– I still have a chance to appear more beautiful so do not get upset. Huong Giang transgender so long, and I was only a few months only. If me and her have the opportunity to take photos, people feel free to compare. The same angle, the same light, the same photographer, one bad one good, I have no idea. But tell you the truth, I think HG … not as good as me (laughs). Transgender people after 6 months to really beautiful.

– Next year is the year you Snake, you also sympathetic snake, you can see his “dangerous” animal like this?
– Do not. I think I’m not serious. Human nature I am very upset that something will say, was done I can not pin inside only to hatred or jealousy with anyone. I am very straight.