The Dictator 2012 Latest Movie Reviews

The Dictator 2012 Latest Movie Reviews

The Dictator 2012 Latest Movie Reviews : The heroic story of a tyrant who risks his life to ensure that democracy will never threaten the country so lovingly oppressed.

The Dictator 2012 Latest Movie ReviewsThe new dictator who brings his career in 2012 Sacha Baron Cohen, and least known of the winter (when released the first production tizer), is a persona different from those he wore so many years and building a story, traditional, with a beginning, middle and end, as they say the standard narrative arcs of Hollywood.

The changes dictated by the data, the stocks and the low impact of BrĂ¼no 2009, data that can be connected one either indirectly or more directly with the economic situation of the world. The main problem of Baron Cohen to say that humor is generally among the first victims of the financial crisis, and especially the direct attacks on conservative reflexes of the majority (which are the hallmark of the comic) is most undesirable and Pakistanis from the Holy Panteleimon.

The Dictator chooses thus more covert methods, forms that have been used by America through Adam Sandler, sprinkled with ramshackle madness, somewhat in the style of the Marx Brothers: the script tries to elicit stereotypes parallel (ie average) between the shot excuse Absolutism title and matted militant feminists Anna Faris, as the cast is looking for excuses spot sketches which in turn looking more unholy than the surreal.

The problem in this approach is that typically exhibits clearly .. nothing, because the characters are scripted no difficulty to discern whether or representing authentic prejudices highlight the prejudices of authors against everyday characters, if the latter is simply listed easy to eat on the cue. In fact, the film ends with a battle so straight logidrio reports that even the Michael Moore will say unnecessary.

With them and with them, the most special moments of duration is expected 85leptis those promoting the film has already made public, the vignettes of authority with the dictator to oppress fondly their nationals, and the hilarious scene where the helicopter blackish mousatoi terrorizing innocent crowds.

But with them as a basis can you claim that the Dictator is the most timeless moment so far in the work of Cohen, a time capsule of pride and prejudice of the early 21st century, more easily digestible for decades from brutal of his previous work.