New 'The Hunger Games' Poster will Ignite the public EnjoymentNew ‘The Hunger Games’ Poster will Ignite the public Enjoyment: Lionsgate People set the bar for digital marketing campaign with the high Hunger Games movie first.

But that has not stopped them push beyond that for the next film.

The company has just released the following proposed movie poster, yes. That’s right, a poster on the go. The future is now.

Whose release date is still a year to start the heat of anticipation.

In the second installment of the trilogy, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire has to do with the spark of revolution, thanks to the girl on fire, Katniss Everdeen.

And dear Mockingjay Panem is that spark personified in this new poster, where flames crackling sounds of burning things transform Katniss pin in the symbol of the revolution.

So if you were not excited by the second, however, this probably will light the spark for you.

Turn up the volume there is something more than simple images here!