The Thirty Years War, What Rozhádalo twisting a king?

Stephen Skrúcaný and becomes king was angry thirty years, is not intended to reconcile.

Stephen Skrúcaný and becomes king was angry thirty years, is not intended to reconcile.The Thirty Years War, What rozhádalo twisting a king: Stephen Skrúcaný and becomes king was angry thirty years, is not intended to reconcile.

Three decades have come to know the name. They will become King and Steve Skrúcaný early eighties were inseparable pair. They were legendary leaders Fujarovej show that in times of greatest fame brought back cultural centers, theaters and charts. Then suddenly there was a madhouse. To collapse of their friendship and cooperation was apparently the same taste when it comes to women, especially the twist first wife Darina. The dramatic moments speak for both actors plus 7 days.

With Luke, I had a relationship, “he admitted us apart decades openly päťdesiatjedenročný becomes king. He said, however, come together once the marriage has been twisted in the wreckage. “You did not understand, and he also had another acquaintance … I had no other reason to pack a friend’s wife,” he explains.

Twisted about his philandering half supposedly learned from a classmate at the whole situation had a different view. Started divorce proceedings and legal bickering. “Steve took it unnecessarily dramatic. How much betrayal, because we have the greatest friends. Dragging me after courts have stated as a reason for divorce, “says King.

To the circus and later joined the twisting wife Zuzana Tlučková with which Stano again a couple long before these events. “Desaťstranový court wrote a letter painted, I’ve immoral man,” brings us ancient circumstances becomes king.

According to our information, but had butter on his head and the other party and Darina supposedly learned of her relationship with her husband has a legitimate Tlučkovou. It might be of interest to her future husband Skrúcaný divorced. Subsequently lived together twenty-two married years.

Interpersonal rift between the king and the twist was left only preserve their private lives. Subsequently ended their successful work and cooperation occurred Fujarovej end show.

Even “fell” and prepared a spectacular show Fleming, which had a key role in shaping Stano. “Steve built it so that with them not to do. He therefore refused to work with and Palo Topolsky Mirek Nogom should decide. Added to it, “says then-actor difficult situation.

Early Skrúcaný humorous duo – The King, as he wrote to a friend Stano and outputs to the cabaret group strep gentlemen, disappeared before she could fully penetrate.

In subsequent years, thus “through” the split door for the very successful duo Noga – Skrúcaný. “Maybe it accumulated more. It was a combination of several factors that will infect it. This was our immature with age. Zuzka broke up with him, “said Stephen Skrúcaný Král words.

After so many years it seems funny to go back to the sin of his youth. “It’s like a castaway at sea needs to draw attention to himself, but no flares and shooting arrows into the air at least,” he said with a smile.

While Skrúcaný and Noga Slovak flooded television screens and radio ether its fun sessions, becomes king went the other way. “My decision was clear, I go to the theater, I was the drama,” says the now successful actor and dubbing director.

She has oddabovaných over two thousand one hundred films and TV series. Working in the studio so it employs the recently refused to work in four commercial TV series.

And what are the relations of former friends after thirty silence? “Formal. Once every five years to meet and have some coffee, but that’s it, “said King. Similarly, based on well with Zuzka Tlučkovou. For her juicy lines to be addressed to the court, said to her grudge and musical Rebels played together even a pair of lovers.

As he says, it just irked that some people spread the news that they just had an argument with a twist in the battle for her. “It is true, as I walked with Zuzka long before it can be put together with Steve,” he recalls. A Darina? With that even remained friends.