Learn How Best Appear on Bing as Google


google-bingLearn How Best Appear on Bing as Google: For bloggers, it is an important to appear well indexed in any search engine Bing and gave us a great help to appear better on Google … Yes, Google!

Even with Google dominating the internet search service, a competitor still survives. Microsoft’s Bing has some space and have their qualities. Many people use the Bing by default Internet Explorer search or from partner services pages; and there are those who don’t know the difference, when it comes to average users.

All know the Bing – that is not the most used search engine and is far from getting the sleep of Google, but has its place in the market and should not be ignored by us bloggers.

Recently the Bing Webmaster service published a great article to help/support giving tips on how to appear well in the ranking of results. A sort of list with suggestions of how to handle the content of Web sites and Blogs for what they consider important and Basic SEO techniques.

The best of this list is that it can be used to improve our ranking on Google–since just about everything is applicable to quality practice by the search giant. In the background, the tips are even showing how to maintain quality and make your content more search engine friendly.

Bing Webmaster Guidelines

bing-logo-with-google-colorsSelected piece of content that is in English that Bing’s Guide, with the best tips article. At least the ones I considered most important and easier to quickly applied, as well as those that coincide with best practices by Google as well.

Content = This is the most important to the Bing and any search engine, and is what users really want. Should be easy to navigate, for visitor loyalty and always updated.

Links = is the basic form for your blog to be found by search engines and get a rating. So it’s important to have other sites and blogs pointing links to your content. But it is not good to buy links, nor indiscriminately spread your link just to generate the ranking. Have to be contextualized and quality link.

Social networks = Bing takes into account the interaction and spreading your links on social networks as well. It’s nice to have good social penetration and a lot of people talking about your content and your Blog. Google takes into account enough clicks on the button “+1” Google + interaction.

Light and quick pages = the weight of your blog and the loading time also affect indexing of your Blog. If blog need to open fast.

Duplicate content = no one like duplicate content, so it is never good to copy content from other blogs (even citing the source). Blos with duplicate content lose relevance and positions.

There are other tips on Bing’s official article that is worth reading carefully. Even if your blog does not receive many visits that might be a good seeker, to improve his chances there and with Google as well.

Make sure to read our other article with more tips on how to improve their indexing in Bing.

The most important thing is to diversify their source of traffic and guarantee the quality of the content that you publish on your Blog. You have to think about the long term so that your blog has always satisfactory results.