Collistar New Products for Skin Care 2012

Collistar New Products for Skin Care

Collistar New Products for Skin Care 2012: The Italian brand Collistar Cosmetics launches four new cleaning products and skin care. The detergent illuminating mousse, a smoothing effect and PREBASIC rellanador, cream biorrevitalizante and magical product of the firm, the Acqua Micellare Strucante Detergent.
Collistar New Products for Skin CarePREBASIC smoothing effect and Base +Filler. The secret of perfect makeup and long term is to prepare the skin thoroughly. A velvety cream and impalpable that softens and brightens the complexion instantly, minimizing skin imperfections such as blemishes, imperfections or lines.

Its ingredients help soften fillers rictus and leave skin glowing and more juicy. Furthermore, fixing properties help the makeup on the skin is sealed and maintained throughout the day impeccable.

Detergent Mousse Illuminant, ideal cleaning routine for the morning and evening. Thanks to its special formula, with the liquid foam becomes as soon as it is dispensed, while toning gently cleanses, moisturizes and brightens the skin.

Face Cream Biorrevitalizante. Directly inspired by aesthetic medicine, this innovative cosmetic cream is an alternative to revitalizing mocroinyecciones performed by dermatologists and represents the ideal daily treatment to combat skin aging and maintain youthful face toned and smooth.

Its use is particularly indicated when the skin starts to look tired, and without tone marks.

Detergent Micellare Struccante Acqua, a magical product that, in a unique and fast, completely eliminates the makeup of the face, eyes and lips.

Furthermore, tones, hydrates and performs a detoxifying action, leaving the skin pure, fresh and radiant. Contains lavender and yarrow, to get a fresh and toned skin. Ultra Delicate is suitable for all types of skin.