The 6 Basic SEO Tips For New Blog

6 Basic SEO Tips For New Blog

6 Basic SEO Tips For New BlogThe 6 (six) Basic SEO Tips For New Blog: To get traffic, it is very important to always be present on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, post the blog in many different ways.

In some cases, it is still valid to use some aggregators and links is essential to use content aggregators. But beyond all that, even more important is SEO.

Actually working the social side is also doing social, but we’ll talk more about that below. The purpose of this article is to spend 6 basic tips for SEO, level really easy, but I’m sure that at least one of them you do not put into practice.

They are all tips that I use in my blogs and always have a positive outcome.


Since the beginning of my first blog I write guest posts for other blogs in the same niche as mine. The fact is that this has always proved to be one of the best, both to get traffic, how to get high quality backlinks. Besides the work of SEO, writing guest posts on other blogs makes us known, building a name on top of our project. Good quality backlinks with the same niche processes are extremely efficient for a project.

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Many have heard of it but very few bloggers who give importance is due to the internal link building. Making the correct internal linking is extremely efficient, both to improve the position of articles in Google searches, and for various other metrics. Making internal linking efficiently you will, in addition to improving the indexing of articles and pages that are linked, do blog readers stay on longer. One tip is to use anchors to link who want the linked article is properly positioned. If you have a product you want Google to show first searches for “Make Money with Adsense“, then do like me link to the article in question using the correct anchor.


It is always important that you work correctly the social blog. If you think that does not be present in social networks like Facebook, know that this completely wrong. With each passing day the social side is further taken into account by Google. Mainly be present on Google Plus. The social network already appears in Google search results and whenever an article link there Google improves its authority. It is also very important to use content aggregators like Ditty, usually have a good indexing, and so attracts enough traffic to the article through there.

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One of the metrics used by Google to determine which authority in a given article is the residence time of a player inside. The longer the player stay within your blog in general, and he better your pages will be indexed. Do you think if the player enters and find a completely disorganized blog will remain for a long time? I think not. If your blog is not good in the question “usability” certainly will not remain within the same long. Moreover, the sharing is much greater when the user environment like this.


Obviously 100% focus on the content of a blog without using SEO strategies in general you probably will not get the success you want, but the content is a key point in the SEO. Google this increasingly giving greater focus to quality content, and therefore the better your content, the better the results you will achieve. Try to focus on the article (talk about a theme only), do not make mistakes grotesque Portuguese and spend as much information as you can about it. You can also hire an IT solutions company like Globex IT Solutions to get the development work done.


It may seem paradoxical, and it is, but we must never give 100% focus on SEO. A QUESTION usability, quality and everything that enhance the reader’s familiarity with your project turns out to be good. Google is increasingly giving importance to the best content for readers, quality content, blogs beautiful, good-looking. If you focus only on SEO, will end up forgetting these other points I mentioned and which are very important.


I hope that the tips that I have given to you matters the great value to you, and you can make your blog at the top of Search Engine and get more traffic than has ever received. If you think that I have missed some points regarding SEO Tips, you can share here, I will really appreciate that and thankful to you guys!


  1. all tips are good for new blog, but i think
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