Malala Yusafzai 14 Years Old Girl Shoot In Head By Taliban: The doctors team  today successfully unleashed a bullet from the head of Malala Yusafzai. 14-year-old girl critical after being shot yesterday by the Taliban militia.

The incident took place when Malala was on the bus after school. Motive for the shooting was because she actively campaigned for the freedom of education for women in Pakistan.

Malala Yusafzai 14 Years Old Girl Shoot In Head By Taliban
Malala Yusafzai 14 Years Old Girl Shoot In Head By Taliban

Al Arabiya reported on Wednesday, many Pakistanis that the Taliban shook the crimes. Malala treated in emergency military hospital in the city of Peshawar, southwest Pakistan. “The bullet penetrated through the shell of the back of the head near the neck,” said the doctor was not named.

Police did not reveal unnamed actor has a small beard and into the bus and find out where Malala sitting. This attack also injured two other students. The second shot on the shoulder and a third bullet Malala friends only cause minor injuries in the foot the other students.

Taliban spokesman Ihsanullah Ihsan admitted it was responsible for the incident. He added that the Taliban had warned Malala stop voicing opposition to the Taliban. “She’s western-minded and always speak against us. We will target them against the Taliban,” he said.

Malala won an international award for the Taliban savagery in a blog for the BBC three years ago. He spread the photos as well as information about the Taliban burn schools and terrorizing the population.

Malala struggles echoed in which tens of thousands of girls education mengeyam Pakistan rejected by Islamic militants along Pakistan’s northwest. Government of Pakistan has been fighting the Taliban five years ago.

Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari condemned the attack. He menegaskam it will not stop the war against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, as well as continue to support the education of women taste.

By exploiting the teachings of Islam, the Taliban forbid women to school, work, and out of the house. Base Taliban and Al-Qaeda are believed along the Afghanistan and Pakistan border.