Johnny Depp Died Victim Of Another Death Hoax

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Died Victim Of Another Death Hoax: Internet rumors, The ‘Pirates of the Carribeean’ Famous Actor is Johnny Depp not dead. The rumors of Johnny Depp’s death have been greatly expended.

Johnny DeppThe social media has sadly struck again, and rumors ran high this week that the star had died in a freak drowning accident on set.

The death of a 48-year-old crew member on the set of his latest film caused a social media miscommunication.

This rumor wasn’t exactly pulled from thin air.Last month, a crew member working on the Disney film died of an apparent heart attack while working inside a large water tank on the movie’s Los Angeles set.

His death was initially reported as a drowning.

According to LA law enforcement, the actual victim, Mike Bridger, was cleaning a pool tank on the Los Angeles movie set, when he went into full cardiac arrest and died on Sept. 21, according to TMZ.

Fortunately (or not), the only thing Depp has actually fallen prey to is made-up Twitter trends.