Best 30 Tips for Creating a Successful Blog

Creating a Successful Blog

Creating a Successful BlogBest 30 Tips for Creating a Successful Blog: I made a complete list of how to make a blog in 30 easy steps for new bloggers. How to think, create and maintain a successful blog. Let’s get to work:

1 – Set Content/Goal: The beginning is definitely here! You can be the best design, the best writer, but if you create a blog without knowing what’s going to write … Never mind!

2 – Make a Different Content: Give preference to that was not created or at least that was created less. Therefore it is very important to choose a subject that you have mastered. Creativity is the key to business!

3 – Analyzing Who Could Be Your Competition:  You will hardly find a good subject and that is not spoken for a blog. That’s when the best work will come out ahead. Look for blogs and sites that speak of the same subject, see related work great and be inspired by them. Sure! You will not make like another blog, but something beyond. Remember what I said: Create a blog and complete different.

4 – Study the Readers/Public: Search, create and search again. For thus you will discover what your audience really. Then improve the content, supplementing according to survey results.

5 – Structural Development: It’s not just content! A blog needs a nice environment for reading. A well-crafted layout makes much difference. The layout does not need to be but a good layout. No frills and unnecessary widgets that overwhelm the site, as in the lighter your blog is, will load faster (not every Internet user has enough patience to wait for your blog open).
When creating your template or modify it, test at least the most used browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer 7/8, Google Chrome and Safari) and a basic resolution (1280 x 800), this is part of the comfort offered visitor.

6 – Beware of Colors/Backgrounds: Red background with black letters, need to comment? Make combinations of colors, but no exaggeration. The perfect combination for reading (proven) is white or light gray in color with black letters. Strong colors irritate and very weak colors relax the user, therefore the perfect combination depends on both sides. Make a merge between two tones so as not to tire vision.

7 – Rotating Navigation: A daily blog receives large percentage of their visits through search engines, it shows you to keep up that visitor on your page. For this, it is recommended to use system related posts on each file on every page and include links to other articles. That way you call the attention of the famous paratroopers and maybe get another faithful reader.

8 – Develop a Smartphone/Mobile Friendly Website: It seems silly, but each tool (useful) can make the most difference. But even these days when mobiles are tasks that computers not true, and people have less and less free time.
A website / blog that provides this option creates more of a quick and easy way for readers to follow your updates.

9 – Use external information: Especially in news blogs it is essential to prove the truth of the fact. Therefore recommend other blogs, other links indicate books in order, give more information to your reader. However, should get information from another blog or site indicate the source.

10 – Use Simple Language: Write detailed with correct language and accessible to all audiences. Avoiding jargon, because it limits the understanding of the public and if there is still a need for it explains the meaning of the word.

11 – Write Short Texts: Texts are hardly great read from cover to cover, but that is no excuse to write real sentences. The correct way is to write well, write detailed and without exaggeration, thus going straight to the point.

12 – Avoid Background Music: Where sites or music related topics SOMETIMES gets good. Apart from that do not use background music that start automatically. You will not please everyone and too many people surf listening to songs on your own computer, it’s horrible being hit by a song that is not your type.

13 – Show Some Animations and Ads: The animations (mostly flash) the blog and weigh in excess cause a visual pollution. The same happens with ads. So is combined: Do not go overboard.

14 – Make your Profile as a Writer: Let others know you. It is more comfortable and more confident readers when they realize the presence of a real human behind so many codes and words. Upload one or another photo in your profile, it will pass even more confidence.

15 – Be Careful with your Exposure: Its disclosure is important as I said above, however be careful. By exposing his personal life in an exaggerated way you are opening the door to an intimate relationship with all who access your blog and sometimes this can bring some misunderstandings and disappointments.

16 – Create Extra Quality  Content: Create promotions, publicize events and other extra content for greater interaction between blogger and reader.

17 – Do not use the Page Counter: Use a hit counter hidden, ie, that only you have access. Nobody cares as much visits your blog receives. Besides the amount of visits to the other can be very little compared to what you think is a lot, and often this can be bad (there is a breach of expectation for the blog).
You do not need to hide, if only to provide the reader make an inquiry, otherwise, store the numbers for you.

18 – Provide Diff versions in other languages: Provide texts in other languages is expanding its audience. I do not see this as a tool irrefutable, but part of the useful tools.
Note: Some types of blogs it is not very good (eg blogs comics).

19 – Answer your Readers: A pretty tall order, even for blogs that receive a considerable amount of comments and emails.
It’s worth making the effort, every reader admires a writer who pays attention to your audience.

20 – Moderate Comments: Profanity in the middle of your articles cause a bad impression on new visitors. Moderate, however do not forget that comments are not only good comments in favor of his texts. Discuss peacefully with commentators looking for a good census.

21 – Provide/Submit RSS Feed: A good blog needs to have a FEED! So it’s easier to get a faithful reader. Every new post comes to your player through this mechanism. Therefore, it is indispensable!

22 – Partners: Good partnerships bring good results. Link exchanges can bring benefits, but done so messy can bring more headaches than visitors.

23 – Participate in Social Networks: Social networks make people who really like your blog communicate with each other. One way of interaction and status for a blog. Remember: It is not enough to create only one social community, it’s always good to have a word once in a while too.

24- Flickr, YouTube and Twitter: If your blog is linked to images is very interesting publish their work on Flickr. If you’re a creative guy and knows how to make / edit videos amazing YouTube is a great source of disclosure. Recommend to the company, YouTube is a type of service that only depends on a good job to make it big.
As for Twitter we’re tired of talking. Upload news, events information, raise questions and gain many followers today or later can lead you to success.

25 – Do not Leave the Blog: Problems arise, laziness and lack of creativity, it’s all normal! The only thing that can happen is it does not become a routine. If you work well over a year and go three months without publishing anything, all your work goes down the drain.

26 – Share Good Experiences: Spread the news blog, some event, some growth, proposal, or even disclose innovative experiences of everyday life that can serve to your visitors.

27 – Various Domains: If your blog has, for example, a domain. Others to register for safety, preserve their brand.
It is not necessary to use all fields, including not recommended, since dispersed users in different domains (learned from the Manoel Lemos BlogBlogs). So the truth is register and save.

28 – Disclose: Use your creativity, but always respecting the other’s space. Do not spam! Use mechanisms such as indexing of content and systems ads on blogs or specialist companies.

29 – Keywords in Texts: Write so that its contents are seekers. Put words that people will type in the time to look for it in search engines.
Give way to your posts that best describe the content, Google highly values what is written in the title of the posts.

30 – Structure to Manage the Blogs:  It is important you organize your time. If you have more than one blog you need to organize your days and times reserved for each.
In the more organized, communicative, creative, responsible, the better the end result.

I hope you have learned a lot from this post.Thanks to my Fellow Junaid helped me to complete this Post. Hope you like it. Share your opinions  after reading this. Thanks