Paparazzi Caught Tavia Yeung And Him Law in Car, Is Tavia Yeung doing what it looks like she’s doing? Hong Kong TVB stars Tavia Yeung (杨怡) and Him Law (罗仲谦) appear to have been having a bit of hanky-panky in Him’s car.

Tavia Yeung and Him Law
Tavia Yeung and Him Law

Paparazzi caught Actress Tavia Yeung and Him Law, both Hong Kong TVB artist is quite popular in the country, located in 1 of the same car. That night, they had dinner with friends at a cafe. Him reportedly arranged to fetch Tavia home after her dinner with classmates.

Paparazzi Caught Tavia Yeung And Him Law in Car
Paparazzi Caught Tavia Yeung And Him Law in Car. Tavia’s head was photographed propped against Him’s thighs in the pictures.

Realizing the paparazzi stalking them, Tavia reflex attempt to hide her face with a refuge to Him who was driving thigh. Because Tavia action, long sniff media special relationship between Tavia and Him, calling them making out in the car.

Tavia-Yeung through her Weibo account, Revealed her frustration over media coverage.

As a public figure, I realized we had to be responsible for our actions. However, if you journalists have a sense of respect for others? You can write whatever you want, but can not write the truth? Why do you distort the facts? Where is your conscience?

Virginia Lok, TVB representative, explained that Tavia was resting on Him’s thighs as she was drunk that night. Virginia convincing Tavia-Him not dating.