You Should Use Facebook And Twitter For Blog

Facebook And Twitter

You Should Use Facebook And Twitter For Blog: Most bloggers have heard about the importance of Facebook And Twitter and keeping this in social networks, however administer the profile of a blog is very different than you would on a staff. Whether your goal is to promote your page or simply keep in touch with your readers, the use of social networks for bloggers go beyond those simple little rules of etiquette experts recommended by the ordinary users.Facebook And Twitter

On Twitter Social Network

This is a social network ideal for short messages and objective, then it makes no sense to use it as a sort of blog and go around sharing a single text in multiple tweets, it was not by chance that someone created the limit of 140 characters, then stick to it.

Nobody likes to have complications to read the tweets of someone or some subject by some joker who decided to tweet 20 times and filled his page with different texts on the same subject boring before. Everything has a limit, and tweeting is almost too much to ask to take unfollow, and I think we need to remember that not go weeks without any tweet too.

Well, so far as what not to do, is I know I have habit of doing this, I remind them of certain ideal things to do on Twitter, go to a shopping list.

  •     Disclose sweepstakes and promotions
  •     Warn readers of the publication of the text as expected
  •     Share information quickly in covering some event
  •     Congratulate the author for that article you had no time to comment
  •     Getting ideas for new texts

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On Facebook Social Network

The discussion about Twitter exaggerate also goes for Facebook in doubt always put yourself in the place of their friends.

Be careful not to offend any blog, mainly because the authors usually do not know and even knowing this could leave you in a serious skirt, respect and good manners also apply online.

Facebook is ideal for:

  •     Disclose sweepstakes and promotions
  •     Make polls
  •     Better know other bloggers
  •     Share photos and videos
  •     Getting ideas for new texts

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So that’s it, social networks are great for dissemination, use them to your advantage.