10 Basic Tips on How to Have Quality Twitter


The 10 Basic Tips on How to Have Quality Twitter: Twitter is a social network fantastic! For everyone and it is the social network more complex and interesting talking about disclosure and accountability. It is a very dynamic network, updated and well crafted in so few resources.

Is indispensable blog have a Twitter account today. It is a source of dissemination that requires care that are often ignored. Through this post I bring 10 tips on how to keep Twitter from your blog in the best way possible.

1 – Full Name in your account

Fill in the account name neatly and right. Be it a personal account or your blog.
Example: Hubsub Post
Write correctly according to the Portuguese language, it goes right to safety and respect follower.

2 – Write a biography worthy

The field for biography is very important and underrated by bloggers.
Use keywords related to your interest and the main topic addressed in your account. This short description is very well seen by sites related to Twitter and search engines.

3 – A good profile picture and background

Do not let the appearance of hand! Apple is the perfect example that design is no joke. Use a photo related to your profile. If your blog, use the logo, if personal, use your picture. The background draws the attention of the person who is visiting your profile. However, be careful! Something very colorful, meaningless or not heavy pleases nobody.

4 – Update frequently

Do not let your Twitter stopped. There is no sense to follow a profile that is not updated frequently.

5 – The best content in the best times

Publish the best tweets at times with greater audience. Publish something at 4 am is not the same as publishing at 4 pm, for example. Study the best times according to your audience.

6 – Number of Tweets

Post often is essential, however post a tweet after another for a long period is worse than not publish anything. You can and should publish a new blog post several times, at different times to reach the maximum possible audience. However, use caution.

7 – Keep in touch with followers

Do not forget to check your replies and DMs. Ask questions and talk with his followers. Interact with your followers is all Web 2.0 demands. Show readers that your profile is not a robot.

8 – Hashtags in your tweets

Use hashtags can greatly improve the disclosure of their tweets. Through the system of Twitter search, user profiles are interesting, and can find yours!
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9 – Accompany statistical disclosure

Use a link shortener that offers statistics for you to track the number of clicks, RTs, etc.
I recommend: http://bitw.in

Automatically Shorten links with your blog and spread Bitw.in

10 – Number of followers is not everything

A profile with thousands of followers is undoubtedly interesting. But that’s not all! You better have 500 followers interactive and faithful than 5000 followers “ghosts.”

Twitter is a social network quite different from Facebook and Orkut. Not so simple gain followers by writing short texts with up to 140 characters. There is no formula for success, it all depends on your job, your investment and how others look at your work.

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