Easy Tips To Make Money with Google Adsense Part 1

Easy Tips To Make Money with Google Adsense Part 1

Easy Tips To Make Money with Google Adsense Part 1: One of the most used affiliate programs nowadays is undoubtedly the powerful Google Adsense is not for nothing that almost 100% of new bloggers start with some already in the blog banner. The problem is that many bloggers actually do not know exactly how to take advantage of this excellent program, so they can increase profits exponentially. Thinking about it, I’ll spend several tips on how you can profit even more by using Google Adsense on your blog.

Easy Tips To Make Money with Google Adsense Part 1ONLY 3 PER PAGE BANNERS!

Sure, you already should know that Adsense allows each page to be shown at most three ads, so do not get too polluted. Cas you have more than 3 ads, one of them will be blank, as if nothing was present at that location, but if you do it repeatedly is more likely to be banned from Adsense, then do not make that mistake.

300×250 BANNER ADS

I’ve seen many lectures Adsense, and already did many tests, I can say that the 300 × 250 banner is better in every way. When you use this banner size, he eventually accepts images, videos, and links. If using a 468 × 60, for example, he does not accept video. It is an important differential, makes no more clicks.


A very simple tip but many people miss is blocking the graphics or text. When it blocks one of two types, competitors to appear at that place are fewer, and thus decreases the CPC. The more competitors, the more you will earn per click. It works like an auction, advertisers pay for space, and the more competition, the greater the value that they pay more to appear.


What you have to think to add an ad of any kind is in the conversion, so what you have to do is get the reader out of your blog through a conversion (in the case of Adsense click). The Adsense ad filters and shows only what is relevant to the page content (theoretically). Thus, if the reader has reached the end of the text, it probably liked the content and certainly will be interested by ads. At the end of the text you can choose to put two Banner Ad Size of 300 × 250 or 250 × 250, or a 468 × 60.


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