Photo Christine Kuo Seducing Michael Tse In Car: Actress Christine Kuo denies rumors with Michael Tse about Seducing in Car: TVB actress Christine Kuo, when she was reportedly trying to seduce actor Michael Tse in a car by a tabloid.

Christine Kuo Seducing Michael Tse
TVB Actress Christine Kuo And Actor Michael Tse

According to Jayne Stars, Christine burst into tears when asked about the new allegations against her during a dinner event for “Tiger Cubs”, saying that it had upset her because it hurt her family.

“Hong Kong actor Michael Tse who shot to fame for his role as ‘Laughing Gor’ in the hit TVB series E.U. is sure paying the price for stardom. Despite being married to Tina Lee since 2005, the actor has been plagued by rumours of extramarital affairs. Some reports also alleged that the actor drove Tina to attempt suicide after he hit her for questioning his affairs.

Christine Kuo Seducing Michael Tse In Car
Photo of Christine Kuo Seducing Michael Tse In Car

He was recently linked with Christine Kuo, his co-star in the upcoming drama Justice Attack. The pair was rumoured to have engaged in a steamy rendezvous in a car for over an hour.

She later explained that the photos of her with Michael in the tabloid report were taken while they were filming a seduction scene for the new drama “Justice Attack”. The scene took an hour to complete due to numerous bad takes, which left the ‘Laughing Gor’ star weak in the knees from her aggressive advances.

At a Tiger Cubs celebratory party held yesterday, Christine shed tears when she was questioned about the rumored affair. She explained that the ‘secret rendezvous’ was in fact part of the filming for Justice Attack.