Japanese Boycott K-Pop Because of Ownership of Dokdo Island


Japanese Boycott K-Pop Because of The Ownership of Dokdo Island: The relationship between Korea and Japan increasingly tense since the ownership of Dokdo islands, Japan has now stepped forward to demand economic retaliation against Korea.

An official of a leading opposition party, the Liberal Democratic Party, has even told the Japanese press that Japan should prohibit any content related to Korean Wave and K-Pop.

According to a Japanese newspaper, Tokyo Sports, the official said, “We need to ban the Korean Wave, K-Pop, and everything. Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and Kara also included. Korea Electronics also began to enter Japan, but a boycott would soon appear.

Although now the Japanese are still many who see Korean dramas and listening to K-Pop every day, but officials made clear that the content should be prohibited in relation to the Dokdo issue.

Some Japanese broadcasting system has said that although it would be difficult to ban Korean dramas, Korean Wave will obviously terhambatan for firm action taken by President Lee Myung Bak.

Many Japanese TV channels try to take the safe option over this controversy.

Korean Wave and K-Pop, however, is still standing strong. Big Bang’s Alive 2012 Making Collection, which was released on August 22, occupied the top position Oricon’s DVD Daily Chart two days in a row, as well as a variety of other K-pop idol

Some Japanese fans who continue to support the K-pop stated, “Even if they banned all Korean content, I will find it through the internet ‘, I hope Politics and the Korean Wave is a separate issue”