Faye Edna Fowler Chiew


Faye Edna Fowler Chiew: The 18-year-old pretty quasi-nurse passed away, after breaking up with her boyfriend in her Flat.

The Deceased Philippine (transliteration, Chiew from Faye the Edna Fowler), Eurasians, She has Chinese father and English mother.

Yesterday morning 6:50 she was found dead in Clementi 4 307 HDB home.

In interview, The father (more than 50-year-old taxi driver) of a girl and his son brought this morning to the mortuary corpse room to identify the body.

The father said that about her deceased  daughter , yesterday morning was found prone on the bed in the bedroom, hands still clutching one kind of spray.

He explained that my daughter has skin problems, so usually she use this spray on the body, but i did not think that spray turned out into the abdominal killed.