Kristen Stewart Not Attending Premier in New York

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Not Attending Premier in New York: The sentimental trouble between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are breaking the covers of magazines and are becoming a kind of social phenomenon. Therefore, those responsible for Cosmopolis, Pattinson’s latest film, have decided that Kristen is not present at the premiere to be held on 13 August in New York.
Kristen Stewart    And that, according to Radar Online, producers of the film think that if you happen to Kristen appear on the site, the media attention would focus on the couple and the movie would be relegated to a mere background.

To prevent this, the security measures that will be available will be those of a terrorist device where Kristen will be targeted for removal.

The security staff have been advised and warned them that Kristen is   or the after party,” reported by Radar Online.

In addition, those responsible are not the only Cosmopolis not want to see or paint Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson himself also has asked to be his girl for the last four years does not appear on the site. “Robert does not want to see her and was afraid that Kristen took advantage of the presentation to talk to him,” count Radar Online.

Yes, the actor of 26 years will not be able to avoid long Kristen as for next fall is projected release the second part of Dawn, the latest installment of the hit Twilight, and there will be two interpreters want to face to face or not.