Easy Tips To Make Money with Google Adsense Part 2


Easy Tips To Make Money with Google Adsense Part 2: A few days ago we published Part 1 (Easy Tips To Make Money with Google Adsense) of this article where you can find some valuable tips to make money with Google Adsense, so that it has an excellent source of income. Your goal is to greatly increase your earnings with the affiliate program, we will continue to more tips so that your goal is reached.

Easy-Tips-To-Make-Money-with-Google-Adsense-Part-2BLOCK UNWANTED ADS

Google Adsense has a filter that reads the contents expressed in your page and displays relevant advertisers in order to increase the clicks. But not always happen correctly and ends up appearing any advertiser that may not be optimal. You can then block that url, so the owner does not appear more and increase your click through rate. You can do this from the control panel of your Adsense account.


As already may have noticed Google has a system that reads your page and filter the ads to be more relevant to the reader. So this means that the more focused the content is talking about one or at most two different issues, the better your click through rate. The more focused the content is easier for the system to identify the keywords and display relevant ads that generate a high number of clicks.


When creating a new banner in Adsense, you have the option to set the colors of it. What is advisable is to create a banner that it looks like the blog layout, like a menu. So the chances of receiving a click is much higher. Another tip is to remove the cool edge of the banners. This you can do easily by placing the edges in a color equal to the bottom of your blog.


I think to be fully sure what types of banner serve best on your blog, which spaces that yield more, and everything else will take something like a 5 or 6-month trial. It is very important that you always do tests, change the banners, record the results, which analyze the most profitable areas. Only then will you be able to take 100% advantage of this excellent affiliate program.

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