CEO Kim Kwang Soo Letter of Apology For T-ara Case: Core Contents Media CEO, Kim Kwang Soo has written a letter of apology about the case of T-ara for what happened recently.

Hand-written letter is as follows (Photo):

CEO Kim Kwang Soo Letter of Apology For T-ara Case
CEO Kim Kwang Soo Hand Written Letter of Apology For T-ara Case

“I’m Kim Kwang Soo of Core Contents Media,

I bowed my head and formally apologized for any misunderstanding of the contract termination and T-Ara Hwayoung for dubious explanation which makes the rumors about the existence of ‘exclusion’. I want to express my apologies to Hwayoung and T-Ara member and their parents for injuries they received from this event.

I saw all member T-jinyo and Sajungyeon as individuals who love T-ara. I thank all concerned and caring and I will meet whenever required by the representative T-Jinyo and Sajungyeon.

Hwayoung go to any agency, or wherever he went on his understanding of music, I will support him to become an amazing singer and rapper. I am asking you to continue to support and attention on Hwayoung and his music career.

I’ll try to be more careful and full consideration prior to the public. I once again apologize for the misunderstandings and problems that occur in society today. Finally, I apologize to the member of the press and media partners. “