Turn Blog into iPhone, Android and BlackBerry App


Turn Your Blog into an iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Application: With constant advances in technology, is already more than proven that cell not only serves to make and receive call, actually now that’s secondary function, access the internet is what comes booming even in the mobile world and hence the very short time should be the new main function of the apparatus (for me already). And you blogger is aware of this? As your blog appears in this new form of access?


1. Mobify

This in my opinion the best is the Mobify, totally free, with a few clicks you have your mobile version made by professional designers, works well (note that difficult):

You do register on the site, puts your information and your blog and ready within 24 hours of Mobify designers come in contact with you (usually by email) to the mobile version of your site for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other platforms.

Sites such as Discover Magazine and MTV, also use Mobify.

2. Blovery

Initially created just for Blogger, blovery also recently expanded its services to WordPress (to our delight).

In its free version the site offers a range of themes and templates for the user’s choice, as well as easy import all blog posts automatically, all controlled via a control panel very attractive and simple.

3. WP Touch

This one is simplicity itself, without even entering the company’s website, or download anything, you already have the WP Touch installed on your blog. However is available as a plugin only for WordPress.

In your WordPress dashboard go to the option and search for plugin WP Touch, click install and done, you’ve got your blog fully adapted for access via mobile phones and tablets.

So is this, these are the best ways to turn your blog into a mobile application, all of these sites change your page only when it is accessed by a mobile device, nothing will change in his original theme.